Small steps, city officials in Nassau Bay believe, can go a long way in making the community more “green.”
That’s why in February, the city joined in the “Take Care of Texas” initiative, a statewide campaign from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality that provides information encouraging communities to follow simple steps that go a long way to protect the environment.

Since his community is already environmentally conscious, Nassau Bay City Manager Chris Reed said joining the “Take Care of Texas” initiative was a natural fit.
“Pledging our support for this initiative as a city goes right along with how our residents think,” Reed said. “We joined because our goals are the same. To become a partner in the program, the city pledged to recycle, reduce our emissions, conserve water, beautify our landscape and to be more energy efficient.”
To encourage residents to reduce emissions, Reed said the city passed a golf cart ordinance in hopes that people will choose to drive their cars less, especially when getting to activities within the city.
“We’re also reducing our own employees’ travel by getting two golf carts to be used by city staff and the police department, and one mini truck that gets excellent gas mileage to be used in our public works department in place of one of the regular trucks,” Reed said.
Nassau Bay also has changed its hike and bike trails from concrete, which can crack from water damage and require expensive repairs. Instead the city uses crushed granite, which is natural and inexpensive.
Residents participate in annual beautification projects including the Clear Creek Environmental Foundation’s clean up events, and planting grasses along the shoreline to protect it from erosion, Reed said.
“We’ve just received a rebate from CenterPoint Energy because our city hall building is energy efficient, Reed said. “We’re doing what we have to do to meet the goals of this initiative because it helps solidify our city and helps keep us in the direction that our residents want us to go,” Reed said.


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