Mike Cavar made it his mission to take care of city employees in League City. Now they are trying to return the favor. After his wife died over a year ago, Cavar became a familiar face around City Hall.

He would make frequent visits to City Hall, many times to just visit with the employees. He’d bring candy and ask how they were. That came to an end when Cavar, 60, died of a heart attack at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center Aug. 4.

A memorial service was held in his honor at the city’s civic center with about 70 city employees, city officials and citizens in attendance.

The story doesn’t end there.

It turns out that Cavar appears to have no family. His body lays unclaimed in the county Medical Examiner’s Office.

League City Assistant Police Chief Chris Reed and League City Public Information Officer Dawn Kilgore are working to take care of Cavar the way he took care of everyone else.

They are raising money for burial and are trying to cut through the red tape to have his body released from the medical examiner’s office.

“It’s very complicated,” Kilgore said. In order to do that, an executor will to be appointed by a court to handle Cavar’s estate, she said. Reed is working to be named executor, she said.

Then, ads have to be put in newspapers in any area he might have been in search of family members, Kilgore said.

“It’s a very long process,” she said.

Kilgore said they will not know if there are any funds available in Cavar’s estate to pay for the burial until after the court names an executor.

“But it doesn’t appear that he had much,” Kilgore said.

There were no documents or a will in Cavar’s apartment, she said.

There is also a lot that no one knows about Cavar, Kilgore said. He said that the name Cavar was short for something else. He gave three different people all different names that had been shortened, Kilgore said.

“He always asked about us,” she said. “He never talked about himself.” Kilgore said Cavar’s visits to City Hall were occasional at first. “When he would stop by to pay the water bill, he’d stop in to visit me,” she said.

Then, several elections ago, Cavar began handing out political flyers. He became a voice for the senior citizens in League City, Kilgore said.

Cavar would talk of a senior citizens center where members of the community could go so they wouldn’t be so isolated, she continued. “I guess he knew all about that,” Kilgore said.

“He’s one of those people where you don’t know what you have until you don’t have it anymore.”

Donations can be made to Mike Cavar at Moody Bank, Kilgore said. “His dream was the senior center,” she said.

Because of that, any money collected over what is needed for burial, will be donated to the for the senior center. Anyone with additional information about Cavar can contact Kilgore at 281-554-1025.

Article poston on yourhoustonnews.com By DENISE DAVIS; Posted: Wednesday, September 8, 2004 12:00 am

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