Chris Reed Consulting

When the deal is critical we’re here to help! Assisting clients with Municipal Consulting, Executive Security, Business Development, and Acquisition Facilitation for over 20 years.

what the clients say

  • Chris Reed is exceptionally good at understanding the needs of an organization. You can count on his insight, experience, and his remarkable work ethic. I have no doubt Chris will deliver outstanding results for his clients.

    Danny Presley
  • Chris is an Outstanding man! Very Intelligent but loaded with Common Sense! He knows how to drill down to the heart of a problem and then come up with a solution. He listens before he speaks! All of these are the qualities that you need in a consultant.

    Rick Wade
  • As a local business owner, I value Chris Reeds insight. Hes a man who not only has the knowledge but also the experience to recognize the difference between what is ideal and what is plausible. That balance is what makes him so successful.

    Drew Ratichek

Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership

Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce

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